Meghan Sandve Wellness

Trauma Informed Breathwork & Somatic Experiencing

Meghan is a certified trauma informed breathwork & Somatic Facilitator 

and  Usui Holy Fire Reiki® II Practitioner.

Her mission is to empower you to stop looking outside of yourself 

for the answers & trust the wisdom within.  

Let's Connect 

Breathwork is intentional and mindful breathing. When you breathe consciously, the mind slows down and you are able to be in the present moment. Creating a space to relax and heal, physically and energetically.

Somatic work is about digging under the surface and getting to the root. Giving you the tools to access your own inner intelligence, intellectual, emotional, and physical. Empowering you to seek the answers from within. 

Live monthly breathwork sessions, weekly meditation, integrative breath sessions, and embodiment practice.

Feeling drawn to a community of like minded souls, accountability, or looking to expand your relationship with self and breathwork this is for you!

Customer's Testimonials 

Without breathwork I don't know where I would be. 

I probably would have ended up on medication. 


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